SCRIPT AсtiveCollab

Hi there
Currentlly I have activecollab-7.1.253.
will try it out on my local server first to see if everything works
Not sure where to find the release notes / changelog for this version. Anyone?
Let me know if you are intrested

Hello @basix

Yes I have the same phar file. Will over the weekend try to do an upgrade on my localhost.
Any idea where to find the changelog/releasenotes for this?
Keep up the excelent work

ActiveCollab 7.3.267

7.3.267 is untouched other than licensing part, directly from the activecollab servers.
Make sure to upload this under activecollab directory as unzipped, also change the version under /config/version.php to 7.3.267
and issue the usual
php activecollab-cli.php upgrade --dont-download-latest
Ensure you have PHP 8.0.x also this version requires mariadb 10.5+
Source is directly from activecollab servers.
I am getting this error on doing fresh installation for version 5.6. Can anyone help on how to handle the following error.

  Response Message    : Configuration option 'filter_client_projects' does not exist