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You can go to the declaration of the function mentioned in the error and comment it (the whole function) and then try to run again the command: "php activecollab-cli.php upgrade --dont-download-latest"
Hi there..
Work for a long time (+3 years) with my "old" version of 5.11. Based on what I read here i need to upgrade to 5.13.x first. than I can make the jump to 6.1.53. I installed on my localbox 6.1.53 and not fully tested yet, but it seems to work. Which is great. Currently I am "trying" to upgrade 5.11 -> 5.13.x but get the following error message after executing: "php activecollab-cli.php upgrade --dont-download-latest"
Cannot redeclare imagecreatefrombmp() in /home/xxx/public_html/proyectosxx/activecollab/5.11.0/angie/functions/general.php on line 1267

Has anyone had this also? And if so how can this be corrected?
I have the same problem. I wasn't able to solve it yet. The problem is, that in PHP 7.2, a new function imagecreatefrombmp() was introduced, but this function is already used in general.php file.


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Hi there.
Would like to upgrade my version 5.11.x to 5.13 and than to the latest AC 6.x version.
Could you help me with this please? I am willing to give you some money for this.
Doy you have time to help me please?
Hoping to hear from you.