xenforo 2

  1. basix

    Plugin Coinbase Commerce Integration 1.0.2

    Coinbase Commerce Integration This Coinbase Commerce integration allows you to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Give your users more payment method choice, and protect yourself from fraud and chargebacks, by accepting cryptocurrencies. About...
  2. basix

    Plugin [BS] Conversations plus 1.0.1

    [BS] Conversations plus .features: Read date Kick conversation participants Restore conversation participants Mark starred conversations
  3. basix

    Plugin Extended Two Factor 1.1.2

    Extended Two Factor Account security is essential. Provide your users with choice and increase account security. Extended Two Factor by nanocode aims to add more 2FA methods that are more secure and convenient for your users. Current supported 2FA methods: Security Key (Fido U2F), adding...
  4. basix

    Plugin [JUM] Resource Download Limit 2.0.0

    [JUM] Resource Download Limit Плагин позволит ограничить количество ресурсов, которое может скачать пользователь за один день. Лимит сбрасывается в полночь. Если в определенной категории разрешено скачивание гостям, то не забудьте дать право группе гостей в этом разделе на игнорирование...
  5. basix

    Plugin [TH] Thread Watchers 1.0.0

    [TH] Thread Watchers Thread Watchers By simply displaying the number of watchers, your users can gain insight into thread interest and be encouraged to interact! Users who have the appropriate permission can also see who is watching a thread, providing additional encouragement to interact...
  6. basix

    Plugin Support Ticket System 3.2.0

    Support Ticket System This add-on provides you with an advanced ticket system that allows you to manage your clients’ issues, including in Featuring threaded discussions, Completing with staff groups, Ticket flagging, Varying priority levels, Predefined replies, Escalated rules and much...
  7. basix

    Plugin [TH] Image Optimizer 1.1.2

    Image Optimizer Automatically optimize any image uploaded to your forum. Compress your photos to save storage space and bandwidth and improve your website's load time. Image Optimizer supports Kraken.io, Resmush.it, jpegoptim, and pngquant. You will need to have an active subscription on...
  8. basix

    Plugin Media Filter by AddonsLab 1.3.1

    Media Filter by AddonsLab Add-On Overview The add-on allows to filter and search media based on Media fields. This will allow your users to find the media they are interested in quickly and accurately. The controls to filter the media are added to Filters popup in Media homepage and...
  9. basix

    Plugin [tl] Watermark 1.0.3

    [tl] Watermark Description: Add a watermark to uploading images This add-on will add a watermark to any uploading images. All existing images are not effected. Options: Enabled/disabled to add watermark to any images Customize watermark position Customize watermark Text Image Control...
  10. basix

    Plugin Article Management System (AMS) 2.1.7

    Article Management System (AMS) предназначен для владельцев форумов, чтобы предоставить своим членам интерфейс для добавления и публикации статей. AMS is designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their members to add and publish Articles.
  11. basix

    Plugin [tl] Schedule Content 1.0.9

    [tl] Schedule Content I high recommend to you use this guide to make schedule run as expected. https://xenforo.com/community/resources/trigger-deferred-php-via-shell-crontab.2512/ Description: This add-on allow user can set scheduled post. When a thread was scheduled this only display for...
  12. basix

    Plugin Tickets 2.0.3

    Tickets Tickets is a support system solution for XenForo 2 aiming to collate all your helpdesk needs in to one easy to use solution. Features: Allow users to create new tickets in configurable categories. Custom permissions allow you greater control over who can see a ticket and who can...
  13. basix

    Plugin [TH] Post Comments 1.0.2 Patch Level 2

    [TH] Post Comments Post Comments Modernize your forum’s discussions with Post Comments. Like Reddit and Facebook, keep your post replies inline so the discussion is relative and easy to follow. With Post Comments, your users can comment on each other’s posts without disrupting the thread or...
  14. basix

    Plugin Start conversation 1.3

    [Andy] Start conversation Start conversation from post. When the Start conversation link is clicked, it will automatically add the thread title and quote the post in the conversation. This allows the conversation recipient to quickly know which post the conversation is about. (Example of...
  15. basix

    Plugin [tl] Api 1.1.2

    [tl] Api Расширение API для работы с мобильными приложениями.
  16. basix

    Plugin [tl] Anonymous Posting 1.0.8

    [tl] Anonymous Posting Description: Allow certain users can posting as anonymous Options: Assign anonymous to specific user Show/hide anonymous random ID Permissions: There 2 permissions in section Forum Permissions need to config. Demo:
  17. basix

    Plugin Thread Permissions 1.0.0

    Thread Permissions This simple addition adds 2 new permissions for themes.
  18. basix

    Plugin Ultimate Forum Rules 1.0.2

    Ultimate Forum Rules Make some extra changes for displaying your rules on each forum. Thanks to this plugins you can: set three buttons with links and own names set font awesome icon for each button set rules title for each forum set render image to make rules more visible turn on animations...
  19. basix

    Plugin User Mentions Improvements by Xon 2.6.6

    User Mentions Improvements by Xon Improvements to XenForo's user mentions system. This addon was a private addon 2 weeks before public release. This addon is not designed to deal with large group memberships. This feature may be added in the future. Features: Mentionalable user groups...
  20. basix

    Plugin Username Change 2 by Siropu 2.0.2

    Username Change 2 by Siropu Added extra option to post announcements in a single thread. Added option to enable/disable link to username change form in the visitor menu. Added user group permission to bypass admin options restrictions.