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1. At registration it is forbidden to use the site addresses in the user names, for example or - such accounts will be immediately deleted.

2. At registration it is forbidden to use user names, such as: 121234235, dfgjghfj, etc. Such accounts will be deleted.

3. Swear words at the forum is not prohibited, but know the measure. If there is a lot of mate in the message, it will be deleted. If you go to the person or insult, then get a ban.

4. Actions of forum team members are not subject to public discussion. If you do not agree with any actions, then you can challenge them through a system of personal correspondence.

5. It is forbidden to clarify the personal relationships between users within the forum topics. To do this, there is a system of personal correspondence and various messengers: Skype, ICQ, etc.

6. Direct promotion of racial discrimination, alcohol, various kinds of drugs and porn is forbidden.

7. Explicit advertising of third-party resources is prohibited. For example: go to - there is very cool!

8. When creating themes and messages for attaching files and pictures, always use only our server! The use of third-party resources for this is prohibited. Do not need to upload pictures and files to exchangers, there they are eventually deleted. Themes and messages created not by the rules will be deleted.

9. It is forbidden to use links to third-party resources in their statuses.

10. When creating themes, always use an informative name for them. The topic name should always reflect the essence of the problem and / or issue. Topics with headings: "Help!", "Help", "I need help," etc. - will be ignored and after a while closed, if the author of the topic does not change its name.

11. If you want to ask a question about a specific style or plug-in, then you do not need to create new themes with questions if this plug-in or style is already available on our forum. Just ask your questions in the style or plugin theme.

12. Do not leave messages that do not carry semantic load! Messages, such as "Thanks", "ATP", "Thx", "Downloaded", "Taken", "Cool" and the like - will be deleted. If you want to thank the participant for his message, then just click on the "Like" button.

13. It is forbidden to distribute files and descriptions from our forum on other sites, without indicating the link to the source, that is on Punish ban by IP without talking.

14. Registration of multi-accounts is prohibited. They will be deleted.

The rules will be amended and supplemented. Come in this topic more often!
Not open for further replies.