1. pakko

    Help RSEvents!Pro Version 1.13.16

    Hi there and good morning. Can´t find a request section. Please moderator if there is a Specific Joomla Request section please move it if this is ok by you. Currently I am looking for RSEvents!Pro Version 1.13.16 As I have seen that it is compatible with J4.2 If any one has this and is willing...
  2. pakko

    Component Easy Discuss Pro

    Easy Discuss The Smarter Forums For Joomla Q&A platform done right. Synergy of communication and collaboration efforts. Easy Discuss Pro v4.1.17
  3. J

    Component Vik restaurants

    Vik restaurants - компонент бронирования для ресторанов VikRestaurants is an extension born to build a complete reservations system for your Joomla website. Demo: Vik restaurants 1.6 NULLED ja-restaurant+vikrestaurants
  4. J

    Component JLex Review Pro

    JLex Review Pro JLex Review Pro - встраиваемая система комментирования и отзывов для Joomla 3.x. и любых ее расширений. Она настолько же простая в установке, насколько и гибкая в обращении. Прекрасно встраивается в любые компоненты Joomla: K2, Virtuemart, JomSocial и многие другие. В...
  5. J

    Component My Maps Locations

    My Maps Locations JED: Demo: My Maps Locations v3.2.0
  6. J

    Component Calendar Planner

    Calendar Planner Calendar Planner is a complete, super-easy to use visual calendar tool to manage your events in Joomla!, through its intuitive, interactive and AJAX-powered user interface. INFO DEMO JED Calendar Planner v1.0.1 Plugins
  7. J

    Component Gridbox

    Gridbox Joomla Website Builder Gridbox is a Modern and Innovative All-In-One solution for anyone, who want to build an amazing Joomla website or a blog using Visual Drag and Drop Editor. Demo: Balbooa Gridbox Pro v2.7.0
  8. J

    Component J-BusinessDirectory

    J-BusinessDirectory J-Business Directory is not just a simple directory extension, it is the most advanced directory extension for Joomla! that powers thousands of websites. J-BusinessDirectory can be used for any type of directory: businesses, organizations, people, events, medical doctors...
  9. J

    Component Advanced Module Manager PRO

    Advanced Module Manager - control your modules the way it should be. Spoiler: Full description Advanced Module Manager - control your modules the way it should be. Demo: Advanced Module Manager 7.7.0 PRO
  10. J

    Component Social Backlinks - Automatic Social Media Posting for Joomla

    Social Backlinks - Automatic Social Media Posting for Joomla Social Backlinks allows you to post automatically your Joomla content on social networks. With Social Backlinks extension you get: a well coded component, an automatic synchronization feature that detects new or updated Joomla...
  11. J

    Component Dropfiles

    Dropfiles Dropfiles, the easiest and powerful files manager for Joomla. The AJAX interface save you a lot of time and allows you to manage a massive amount of files. The extension comes with a Google Drive and Dropbox integration. Get the most powerful yet easiest file manager for Joomla...
  12. J

    Component Easy Profile Pro

    Easy Profile Pro Easy Profile is a powerful component for Joomla that allows you to profile users by using custom fields Features: Custom Fields Profiled users by creating custom fields. You can choose to create the following types of fields: text, textarea/editor, image, radio, checkbox...
  13. J

    Component Layer Slideshow - Joomla Slideshow with Layer Management

    Layer Slideshow - Joomla Slideshow with Layer Management Layer Slideshow provides a unique experience to create slideshow with multiple layers. Layer Slideshow is expandable. The extension comes with 5 designed themes that include up to 5 layers each. Each theme can be applied in one click on...
  14. J

    Component My Testimonials for Joomla

    My Testimonials for Joomla My Testimonials is Joomla extension that allows you to get clients testimonials and display them the way you want. It's fully integrated with Google Rich Snippet. INFO DEMO JED My Testimonials for Joomla v1.1.7
  15. J

    Component Team Chart - Organization Chart for Joomla

    Team Chart (TeamChart) Team Chart is a Joomla extension that helps you to create organization chart easily. Create and manage organization chart from any Joomla editor. Just open a lightbox using an editor button and start drawing your organization chart. Upload member pictures, organize...
  16. J

    Component ACY Mailing Enterprise

    AcyMailing Enterprise Send newsletters to an unlimited number of users and use our automatic send process to stay below your hosting sending limitations. Schedule your Newsletters while you are away, secure your subscription form with a captcha, automatically send a welcome message to your...
  17. J

    Plugin ochCall2Action - convert your visitors into customers

    ochCall2Action - convert your visitors into customers This Joomla! content plug-in enables you to create Call2Actions and show them anywhere in your blog / article. INFO JED ochCall2Action v0.6.1
  18. J

    Component Universal AJAX Live Search

    Universal AJAX Live Search - отличный ajax поиск для Joomla Universal AJAX Live Search - это расширение полностью изменит ваше представление о поисковых модулях. Необычный дизайн, работа в реальном времени и намного более высокая производительность, чем вы когда-либо видели на сайтах Joomla...
  19. J

    Component DJ-Catalog2

    DJ-Catalog2 - отличный инструмент для ваших нужд если вам нужно простой Joomla каталог или мощный ... С DJ-Catalog2 легко создать свой каталог с много мощных вариантов. DJ-Catalog2 Сайт DJ-Catalog2 Демо DJ-Catalog2 v3.5.4
  20. J

    Component Improved AJAX Login and Register

    Improved AJAX Login and Register Последняя версия с сайта производителя - выпилена лицензия во избежание блокировки. Improved AJAX Login and Register - 2.355